Generate up to $100'000 additional income with your
retail Business.

Own a retail location - convenience/grocery store, internet cafe, , gas station, bar or lounge, selling lottery tickets, or a news stand ?

Become an agent of NudgeBoss play-at-home today and receive 30 days free credit.

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You earn 50% REVENUE SHARE from all vouchers sold minus vouchers paid.

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Easy Cashier system

Simple yet distinct cashier interface, sell credit to players or agents in a single click.

Deposit process is instant. And you can immediately send play link information to your players mobile or provide a QR code

Refill accounts for your returning players without creating new accounts.

Withdraw in seconds.

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More Simple Facts

NO installation Required
The system is in the cloud and can be managed with a simple mobile phone or home pc

NO Hardware Purchase necessary
The platform can be accessed by players almost from any device that have an internet browser.

NO High-Speed Internet needed
With our Mobile optimization module system works  just fine even with 3G

NO special knowledge skills required
The system is simple and easy to use and our friendly customer support can help you 24/7

Monitor your Revenue and Performance

With live reporting, you can take immediate action.

  • Check top performing cashiers
  • Monitor profitability of the Games
  • Understand Your Players
  • Understand Your Profit.

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